Terms and Conditions - Win back your money

The competition 'Win back your money' is arranged by Pen Store Stockholm AB (Pen Store). In the competition, you have the chance to win back the order amount of the order that you have already placed. It is free of charge to participate in the competition.

Entry period: from 2021-11-25 until 2021-12-31.

Three (3) winners will be randomly selected within 25 business days of the competition's closing date. The winners will be selected randomly by a script that produces random results from all valid entries received during the entry period.

The prize is a refund of the winner's full order amount of their individual online purchase, maximum 500 eur, or corresponding amount in other currencies. In case the individual winner's order amount is above 500 eur, the prize will be a refund of 500 eur. The refund will be made in the same currency that the purchase was made in. Each individual prize winner is liable to pay any taxes that may be required to be paid on the prize awarded in their specific country of residence.

The competition is open to private customers of Pen Store, given that the customer made an online purchase during the entry period. The competition is open only to private individuals, and not to companies, organizations or other legal entities.

To participate in the competition, sign up to Pen Store's newsletter in the entry form pointed to in the competition's instructions. The e-mail address needs to be the same used when the online order was placed. It is possible to participate even if the e-mail address in already signed up to the newsletter. In this case, sign up once again with the same e-mail address in the form pointed to in the competition's instructions. Signing off from the newsletter before the winners are selected will make the entry invalid.

Multiple entries permitted. In case the winner has placed several orders during the entry period, the return amount will be based only on the latest order placed during the entry period.

If technical issues should arise when submitting entries, Pen Store takes no responsibility.

The winners will be notified by email with instructions on how to claim the prize. If a winner has not contacted Pen Store within 30 days of notification to claim the prize, the right to the prize will be forfeited. Winners will not be publicly announced, for reasons of privacy.

These Terms and Conditions are governed and construed in accordance with Swedish law. Swedish courts will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute under this agreement.

Pen Stores Privacy Policy applies to the processing of data in connection with the competition. The Privacy Policy can be found on:


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