Tire Paint Pens

Freshen up the tires on your car with our carefully selected markers and we can guarantee that you will ride in style!
Tires are exposed to much more than you might think, such as wind, cold, heat, sun, rain, snow, dirt and stones. These are some of the parameters that you must have in mind when making your choice of pen for your tires.

The markers that are perfect for this purpose are permanent, oil based and opaque. They are also provided with an aluminum barrel for extra sustainability.
Painted letters on your tires are mandatory for a proper car styling!
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Edding Uni
More Paint Marker PX-30 Broad Paint Marker PX-30 Broad
Paint Marker PX-30 Broad
5.90 €
More Tyre Marker White Tyre Marker White
Tyre Marker White
8.90 €
More Paint Marker PX-30 White 12-pack Paint Marker PX-30 White 12-pack
Paint Marker PX-30 White 12-pack
59 €
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