About engravings

What color is the engraved text?
It depends on the pen, it’s surface and material. In general, the engraving becomes more prominent on colored / lacquered pencils, as the material appears under the lacquer, which is often brass. The color of the text is therefore brass colored and gold-like. On pencils in uncoloured metal or chrome, the engraving becomes a bit more subtle.

Where is the engraving placed?
If the pen has a hat, the engraving is usually placed there - otherwise on the pen body.

What characters can be engraved?
We engrave in characters from the English alphabet. Unfortunately, we can not engrave other special characters (hearts, arrows, icons, etc.) or emojis. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of what is included.

Which fonts can you choose from?
We have three different fonts to choose from; Arial, Arial Italics, or Bookman Old Style.

How long can the text be?
You have a maximum of 30 characters to use just the way you want.

How long is the delivery time?
Normally, no extra delivery time is added for optional engraving.

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