Cernit is the brand that is closely associated with its product, the name has almost become synonymous with the creative clay. The clay from Cernit is a classic product that many people have kneaded and shaped, but it is never too late to discover.

The most common product from the range of different clays is the Cernit Number One. Each piece weighs 56 grams, and is available in 50 colours that can be combined in many different ways. The clay is simple to form and shape, and will be easy to work with no matter if you are a beginner or experienced artist. When you have finished your shapes you can harden it in the oven, or in boiling water.
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More No 1 Cernit Clay No 1 Cernit Clay
No 1 Cernit Clay
More Tool Kit 8-set
Tool Kit 8-set
More Cernit Clay Nature 56g
Cernit Clay Nature 56g
More Color Set 10x30g Cernit Clay
Color Set 10x30g Cernit Clay
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