Let us present

Winners of Pen Store Talents 2023

We want to start by saying THANK YOU for throwing yourself into this competition and challenging your creativity. The level of creativity has been high and the engagement has been enormous. To only choose 10 winners from all the entries was a tough decision to make. But finally, the winners are crowned. Scroll down and enjoy 10 masterpieces!

All winners will be contacted via email on Friday 19 May.

1st prize goes to…

Mina Vejbrink - Kiosk "HÄR"

During the jury's work, there was one entry that the entire jury resoundingly agreed was one of the winners. Mina Vejbrinks - you impressed the whole jury!

Mina has created an incredible work that evokes many emotions. The kiosk lights up with warmth and becomes an inviting meeting place in the cold city. What are they talking about? Do they know each other? Where is the kiosk located? The longer we look at the artwork, the more our curiosity is awakened. The kiosk is a place that many of us can relate to and Mina has used the eight pens in a way that really contributes to the artwork as a whole.

Mina, I hope you hear our applause! And congratulations on 4 500 € in art supplies.

Shared 2nd place goes to…