Ciao 72-set B in the group Pens / Artist Pens / Felt Tip Pens at Pen Store (103310)
Ciao 72-set B
Ciao 72-set B
Ciao 72-set B

Ciao 72-set B

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Colors: B02 Robin's Egg Blue B12 Ice Blue B45 Smoky Blue B60 Pale Blue Gray B63 Light Hydrangea B93 Light Crockery Blue B95 Light Grayish Cobalt B97 Night Blue BG05 Holiday Blue BG34 Horizon Green BG49 Duck Blue BG96 Bush BV13 Hydrangea Blue BV17 Deep Reddish Blue BV23 Grayish Lavender BV29 Slate BV31 Pale Lavender E11 Bareley Beige E31 Brick Beige E43 Dull Ivory E49 Dark Bark E50 Egg Shell E53 Raw Silk E57 Light Walnut E71 Champagne E77 Maroon E93 Tea Rose E95 Flesh Pink G000 Pale Green G07 Nile Green G14 Apple Green G28 Ocean Green G85 Verdigris G94 Grayish Olive R00 Pinkish White R05 Salmon Red R11 Pale Cherry Pink R17 Lipstick Orange R22 Light Prawn R35 Coral R37 Carmine R46 Strong Red R85 Rose Red RV000 Pale Purple RV06 Cerise RV13 Tender Pink RV34 Dark Pink RV95 Baby Blossoms V000 Pale Heath V06 Lavender V15 Mallow V91 Pale Grape V95 Light Grape W1 Warm Gray No.1 W3 Warm Gray No.3 W5 Warm Gray No.5 W7 Warm Gray No.7 Y11 Pale Yellow Y15 Cadmium Yellow Y21 Buttercup Yellow Y28 Lionet Gold Y38 Honey YG00 Mimosa Yellow YG23 New Leaf YG63 Pea Green YG91 Putty YG95 Pale Olive YR16 Apricot YR23 Yellow Ochre YR31 Light Reddish Yellow YR61 Yellowish Skin Pink YR68 Orange
Article nr: 103310

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