With its versatility, Pintor is not only the ultimate pen for crafting, but also a very good marker for artists and illustrators. You can create many different effects with this useful pen!

Pilot’s marker Pintor has a water-based, opaque ink and can be used on many different surfaces, such as fabric, glass and porcelain, just to name a few. Its characteristics make it an excellent marker if you want to create effects in paintings and illustrations. We have gathered some ideas on how you can create striking pieces with Pintor.

Draw on dark surfaces

Thanks to the ink being opaque and rich in pigment, all colours become distinct and visible even on dark surfaces. The ink stays on the surface and doesn’t penetrate the material, meaning that the colour won’t change or be affected by the surface’s colour. To paint and draw on a black or dark surface creates contrasts that look really good. Just try it out!

Among our products you can find black canvases, black paper pads and coloured paper that are perfect to use with Pintor. Draw patterns, mandalas, or create art pieces with opposite colours, such as white on black. Experiment and find a style that you like.

Attract attention with neon and shimmer

When painting with Pintor, you have a large selection of colours to choose from. Basic colours and pastel colours, but also metallic and neon colours. The metallic colours are shiny and available in, for instance, gold and silver. The neon colours are available in six shades and perfect if you want your painting to pop. When illuminated they become extra visible.

Tip size can be chosen based on what you wish to create. There is an Extra Fine and a Fine tip for detailed drawings, and a Broad tip for the largest pieces. Add shimmering details on birthday cards or create a mural entirely in neon.

Create highlights in paintings

Pintor’s opaqueness makes the white colour ideal for creating highlights in paintings or illustrations. A highlight is placed where the light naturally hits the object you are painting. Examples of this can be sparkling eyes or water that glitters. Adding light to a painting makes it look more vivid.

If you have used coloured pencils, acrylic paints, watercolours or for example fineliners, it’s simple to add white areas on top of it with Pintor.


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