The enthusiastic painter and cabinet maker Albino Bruno Mariotto and his wife Rita were the ones founding Mabef in 1948. They set up a craft shop producing easels for painters in Ispra, a small town in Italy. Since then it has continued to be a family business and Mabef has grown to be known internationally.

To guarantee the easels quality and reliability the people behind Mabef have chosen to only produce their products in Italy or other parts of Europe. The company is also prioritizing the environment and 100 percent of the wood waste is recycled and is used as pellets, an ecological fuel used to heat up buildings. The wood that is used in production is FSC certified.

Today, Mabef exports their products to almost 60 countries around the world.
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Studio easel M02
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Studio easel M01 Electric
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Studio Easel M07
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Field easel M29
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Studio easel M20
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Table easel M14
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Studio easel M13
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Studio easel M09
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